5 Reasons Why Coworking is better than WFH

5 Reasons Why Coworking is better than WFH


By Sudarsan M – January 21, 2021 – Coworking

Coworking used to be a highly productive and fun thing making everyone’s work-life healthier. But during the recent times of lockdown imposed to restrict the novel coronavirus, work from home came by as a norm for numerous SMBs and enterprise-grade organizations. This allowed the employees to work on and get their salaries even while they stayed at home through the tough times.

It is difficult to define the strategy as a grand success. Many people faced the issue of having to lose their jobs, and several others had to make do with marginal wage cuts.

Similarly, many organizations came to figure out that the degree of team coordination that prevailed when the employees are co-working from the office was difficult to achieve when they worked from home.

Corona may have toned down in many parts of the world, but the work from home trend still prevails to a large extent. The argument that it helps promotes social distancing to check the spread of the condition is not wrong.

In such circumstances, should companies ask their employees to work from home, permanently? Digitalization offers new means of communication, and teams can stay in touch over emails, Skype, webinars, video conferences, and phone calls. But the work efficiency does suffer, and numerous business owners and managers are not convinced about the idea.

It is hard to deny that the disciplined co-working environment that offices provide is difficult to replicate at home. Employees find support to finish their assignments when they work from offices. Transfer of knowledge is simpler to achieve when employees are physically present in the office.

Let us take a look at the top benefits that the office setup provides for employees and their productivity:

1) Enthusiasm To focus On Business

For any business, employee enthusiasm forms one of the key metrics for success. It is yet easy to ignore if the employees need to work remotely.

When a manager is physically present with the coworking employees in an office setting, he can easily figure out when an employee is facing some difficulties with his work. He can direct some guidance and support as and when required.

When employees feel valued, it breeds accountability and employee morale stays high. This motivation and engagement are difficult to promote when employees work remotely.

2) Coworking Increases Innovation

The office environment induces innovation and creativity in the work culture. A few of the most successful companies provide workspaces that are focused on joyful immersion. Work productivity stays high in the case of coworking.

Encouraging collaborative working and innovation amongst employees help with project work and reaching new solutions. Sharing ideas with team members helps arrive at resolutions quicker and brings productivity to the entire project cycle.

3) Deeper Focus

Distractions are more when an employee works remotely. It withholds the potential to hamper productivity. The office environment, on the contrary, induces efficiency in everyday work. Work is easier to do because employees keep focused on their work in more ways than one. Work culture is different from the home environment, and it is in place to induce productivity.

Amenities available in an office environment help employees bring the focus back to their work. A well-curated work experience inspires employees to do better.

4) Increases Credibility

When an enterprise prioritizes face to face meetings, it nurtures stronger business partnerships, which last longer.

Video conferences are currently one of the most important ways to conduct business meetings. But the effectiveness of meeting in person cannot be undermined. As a human connection is created, the interaction stays free from distractions.

Face to face interactions bring precision to interactions and focusing on the interrelated metrics that bear the maximum significance are easier to express. All such ideas are difficult to express by the means of an email.

When employees are co-working in an office environment, they have more clarity regarding their roles in a team or a project.

5) Coworking Improves Communication

Communication among co-workers who work in an office environment is superior to the ones who work remotely. One can visit a co-worker’s desk for a discussion, and get a better understanding of the work. It works better than interacting through chat messages, or over the phone.

Explanations are more real, and one can use computer screens, consider examples, ask doubts, and be sure and clear. Nonverbal cues that people share in a face-to-face conversation are difficult to share over the phone. One hence finds it easier to prioritize tasks and assignments.

By working in the office environment, it becomes easier for employees to plan one’s time, and make room for client and office meetings. But following the lockdown, companies should welcome their employees in an environment that is neat and clean. Employee wellbeing should be among the top organizational priorities.

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