Pros and Cons In Coworking Station

Pros and Cons In Coworking Station


By Sudarsan M – October 31, 2020 – Coworking

There are pros & cons to Co-working stations like every other coin. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the demand for a coworking station is increasing day by day. This is because coworking stations give the trend-changing feature of working in their own time of convenience from anywhere in the place of their liking. You can also say as it is diminishing the schedule of working 9 to 5 in the regular office that leads the way for the new space work called Coworking station.

This concept of working helps to maintain the balance between work and life, which turns out to be an easy option for stress-building professionals. The amazing features attract workers, business executives, and entrepreneurs from various fields. And now it has changed to be the current culture of millennials. The setup of a coworking station is filled with various kinds of professionals who will work for different companies. There may be people working in groups for the same or different projects as chosen by them. Some stats show out of 7 per cent of people 6 are more likely to work at a coworking station than going to a regular office.

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Pros of Coworking Station


The concept of building up an office has become a tedious process. As for the cost of construction, a typical office setup for one square foot with full maintenance is way too expensive. So, business people, especially start-ups, are predominantly looking for a coworking station as most of them are placed in prime locations and function 24\7. So, there is no time limit or any job control.

Working atmosphere in a Coworking Station:

A coworking station is beneficial to professionals who want to have an easy environment and more beneficial for start-ups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. A coworking station is a place where you can work as you wish. So, the main aspect of such a coworking station is to provide flexibility and freedom. It helps to work in the environment of their choice. It creates a vibrant feeling when everyone around there is working.

Working amongst various professionals will give you a sense of meaning to work more. When you are covered up with highly dedicated professionals, it intrudes you inwards. In such a way, you will not feel bored or build up pressure that you will feel mostly while you are working from home or office. The co-working station gives you a high spirit, with no thoughts of any typical office rules and regulations. It gives you an independent atmosphere to work on your work with no monitoring or inconveniences.

Perks in Coworking:

Coworking stations provide many perks along with a lot of a typical office. They have stable Wi-Fi connections, printers, scanners, admin support, housekeeping, conference, and meeting rooms. Any start-ups who come there can make use of the meeting rooms for discussing their plans along with some relaxing features like a gaming zone, chill out arenas having tea, coffee, or even a team lunch.

Working in such a place as co-working stations increases your confidence level and gives you familiarity with business people who come there more often. There will be no competition in the workspace as everyone is dealing with different work. So, in the relaxing time, it gives you a chance to interact and communicate with other like-minded people. Interacting with them or having them around you even makes you productive.

Working in a different environment from a regular office affects the workers. Particularly, those who indulge in a creative form of work give them an easy flow of thinking with no constraints, competition, or internal politics that they deal often with within regular workplaces. They can work for long hours or can use any of the relaxations in the station if they want a break between their work. There are many chances for Freelancers and start-ups to get acquaintance or chance for their current or future ventures.

Membership plans for Coworking:

Opting for a coworking station is not a big deal as they have flexible options for leasing. The predominant reason for choosing a coworking station is nevertheless its cost-effectiveness. It is for sure that is relatively lower than the typical offices. And they are providing many relaxing features with their various membership options. Along with the membership they are giving various options in choosing the desks there as per the convenience of the users.

The different kinds of desks in the co-working Station can give different kinds of flexibility and convenience to the users. There is also a plan and span period for the membership in the co-working station. Thereby, the professionals have to choose desks and the span of their membership according to their convenience. They can also switch over to other plans as they wish at any period of time. So, the co-working station has become highly affordable to grow their businesses.

Cons of Coworking Station

Noisy Environment:

There are also a few drawbacks that are faced by the workers. Some find it noisy and disturbing to work in the co-working stations as it is always crowded with people. So, the professionals find it difficult to concentrate on their work from all the distractions there.


The other important issue is the problem with privacy. There is no assurance for you to work in a safe environment or for any confidentiality. It is really a risk to share some private information in such public places. There is also a disadvantage of not being equipped with some high-tech equipment that you usually have at your workplace.

Fake Promises:

It is undeniably true that many of the co-working stations charge really high based on their infrastructure, location, and services. They will not even provide the same amount for the membership when you cancel it. So, there is no assurance for the whole return of the money you pay for it. Few employers even complained about the speed of the internet in the station as they mentioned in their advertisement. Check out how Cactus Coworking station provides you with the safest, most secure environment by booking a free tour.

It is to be accepted that a co-working station has its benefits and disadvantages solely depending upon its users. If it is a start-up or a highly profitable company, there is a chance to strengthen your business thereby choosing the right kind of membership plan for them.

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